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Cedar Creek Parties

Halloween Weekend Party
Oct 30 & 31st, 2020
It's a naked pool party weekend. Yes, we have an indoor heated pool! The resort is clothing optional so you can come naked or yes even wear a bathing suit. What's happening....this is a 2-night party! Friday the pool is open with music around the pool, socializing, and a BYOB party. (remember no glass around the pool) At night, at 8 pm there is an open mic party with line dances, singers, and fun. It's a casual night but ladies tend to wear sexy clubwear and of course you can show everything if you wish. There are showers at the pool to clean up so you can freshen up for the nighttime parties. Cost for the all-day Friday party $40 per couple $20 for single ladies (until 2 am if you did not reserve an overnight stay)

Halloween Day and Night
Around the heated pool during the day music and pool games starting around 1 pm.. (Bring your own fold-up chairs as loungers take up to much space. ) It's BYOB, but remember no glass around the pool area. What to wear? Nothing...or it's clothing-optional so you may wear a swimsuit if you wish.
8pm Halloween DJ Dance
Video screen Dj'd music with a mix of Pop, Country, and Rap, as well as a line dance or three thrown in. Costumes can be a little or as bold as you'd like. You can dress fetish, and/or show everything you'd like. Remember everything is BYOB but you have to bring your mixers as well. You are allowed to bring smaller coolers inside. ( You can leave the larger coolers in your car) There is ice to buy should you need to refill your cooler. Cost for the all-day party to attend $40 per couple. $20 for single ladies (Again, until 2 am if you did not reserve an overnight stay) Overnight places to rent (extra cost) are available call here now to reserve 803-567-5227. Late-night RV parties (think hotel room parties) are all around the resort at RV's and even some ladies on ladies deck parties. Maybe even a late-night pool party has been known to break out. Note: you have to Check-in by 8 pm to attend.

Next Party : Nov 14th Toga Party




260 Gannt Mill Rd
Leesville, SC 29070


What you see from the road

Traveling down Gannt Mill Rd this is what you look for. It's a dirt road but well mantained. 


Check In

This is where you check'll have to prove you are who you are. It's BYOB but no one under 18 is allowed. 


Club House

This is the inside of the club house where the dances are held and we start the parties off for the weekend.  Later you can either hit a party or chill in the hot tubs.